My Story:

The summer of 2014 I had the opportunity to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo. This was my first time in a third world country. Both my parents are from the DRC and started a nonprofit, Luila Village Ministries, to give back to the villages that their ancestors were from. The women of Luila were absolutely inspiring. They wake up early to go fetch water from a spring miles away from their homes. They work in the fields all day long to grow the necessary foods to sell so they can make money. One day, we went to visit a mini training center for the women of Luila Village to learn how to sew. We delivered a brand new sewing machine for the women to use. It was great to see the women excited about creating new garments for themselves and their families.

My dad has always invested in me, wether it was paying for my dance classes, cheerleading classes, or basketball classes. In the fall of 2015, I started attending college, which can be very expensive if not fully covered by scholarships. My dad extended his resources in order for me to follow my dreams. There is this one saying that says “If you are blessed, be a blessing unto others.” Thus, I want to be able to extend my blessings to women and girls worldwide.

Purses of Purpose:

Purses of Purpose is an accessory line started by my business to raise money for sewing machines. Please check out the campaign here. Our goal is to provide at least four new sewing machines The purses are known for its convenient, on-the-go, comfortable, and colorful hobo bags. They serve as a perfect gift; the bags can be used as anything from a dance bag to a casual hanging-out-with-friends bag. The lightweight bags are big enough to store anything from shoes to sweaters to books to makeup. We try our best to make sure all zippers work prior to sending off the bags. The bags are handmade, although checked for quality, they are advised to be taken care of gently. Read reviews on my Etsy or Testimonials on my website to see why customers love the bags.